About Us

The network of dialysis clinics "Nephrocenter" is already a leader in the Ukrainian dialysis market. Our patients receive the entire range of services free of charge - the Nephrocenter operates within the framework of the Medical Guarantee Program.

Nephrocenter provides medical services in Kyiv, Zaporizhzhia, Odesa, Lviv, Drohobych, Stryi, Chervonograd and Lemesh, Chernihiv region. We plan to expand Nephrocenter’s dialysis network and create comfortable conditions for patients throughout Ukraine. Thanks to the Medical Guarantee Program and cooperation with leading manufacturers of dialysis equipment, the Nephrocenter has the opportunity and desire to develop this field in our country - the patient deserves high-quality, timely and comfortable treatment!

Fundamentals of our activity

Professional personnel

Leading experts and specialists work in our centers - qualified nurses, certified engineers, doctors with many years of experience in dialysis and nephrology, professors and candidates of sciences, anesthesiologists, surgeons, diagnostic ultrasound specialists. We already have about 100 medical workers in our staff, and we continue to search for professionals in their field.

Reliable partners

Nephrocenter cooperates with the leaders of the global dialysis market - Fresenius Medical Care and BBraun.

Fresenius Medical Care is a global leader in dialysis products and services. Since 1996, the company has been caring for people with chronic kidney disease, of which approximately 3.5 million worldwide receive dialysis treatments, providing dialysis services and supplying products to 150 countries worldwide. As of 2021, Fresenius Medical Care cares for 357,142 patients in its own global network, which includes 4,097 dialysis clinics, in which it provides about 50 million dialysis procedures.

For more than 20 years, the Fresenius Medical Care company has been supplying dialysis equipment and consumables to medical institutions in Ukraine. The headquarters of Fresenius Medical Care Corporation is located in Bad Homburg, Germany.

Modern equipment

5008S devices, AqwaBplus and AqwaAplus water treatment systems and a modern CDS concentrate supply system.

Fresenius 5008 CorDiax and 5008S CorDiax - hemodialysis machines.

5008S CorDiax allow HighVolumeHDF® to be performed as a standard method of hemodialysis treatment thanks to the AutoSub plus function, which ensures automatic maximization of the replacement volume during the procedure, and the VAM (Venous Access Monitor) function, which monitors the state of the venous needle in the vascular access, preventing its critical displacement. Along with the AutoSub plus and VAM functions, the 5008 CorDiax can be optionally equipped with the MIXED HDF function, which provides highly effective convective treatment for patients with severe hemorheological conditions and/or low blood flow velocity.

BCM - body composition monitor

Body weight and BMI (body mass index) do not distinguish between muscle, fat and water. Furthermore, body composition is often described only in terms of fat-free mass (FFM) and fat mass (Fat), without taking into account excess hydration. BCM - body composition monitor - is the first device on the market that distinguishes muscle mass from pathological excess fluid. This is of particular interest for detecting malnutrition in patients with chronic kidney disease. BCM - Body Composition Monitor separates excess fluid (overhydration) from dry and adipose body tissue components based on a unique body composition model.

Quality consumables

FX classix dialyzers

Core values

Every day we aim to create a better future for dialysis patients:

  • Cooperation
  • Proactivity
  • Reliability
  • Quality standards
  • Perfectionism

For us, sustainable development means environmental and social progress, as well as responsible actions to achieve success at work.

  • We take economic responsibility
  • We take responsibility for the environment
  • We take social responsibility
Our Strategy

Our strategy is focused on sustainable growth. We strive to continuously improve the quality of life for patients with kidney disease by offering innovative products and treatment concepts of the highest quality.

We do not stand still, but are in the process of constant development and improvement. We strive to provide our centers with a full range of services in the nephrology field. And within the framework of this strategy, we launched another direction - peritoneal dialysis.

Peritoneal dialysis is a method of dialysis renal replacement therapy that the patient can perform independently, using a solution containing glucose and a catheter implanted in the abdominal cavity. About 4-5 times a day, the patient carries out the exchange of solutions, draining and pouring them into the abdominal cavity. Purification of the blood with this method occurs continuously, as it does with normal kidney function, in addition, the patient stays at home during the treatment.